Hi! I'm Sean Coffey, a geotechnical engineer
and an amateur gamer (~woo~).

I want to be a lot of things; a designer, a software developer, an artist,
a writer etc. I'll use this as a place for myself to post stuff I'm working on.

Stuff I have Done / am Doing

Here is a really quick list of a bunch of things I've done or am currently working on. Theres a lot more that I've never finished and probably will never finish. Sigh.

Isolated Nation


IN Chartbuilder Fork

GIF Creator

Stats for Fun

Investigating the Effects of the El Nino Southern Oscillation on Rainfall Across Northern Australia

About Me

I'm a geotechnical engineer come amateur gamer from Perth, Western Australia. I studied Civil Engineering, Physics and Applied Mathematics at The University of Western Australia. I'm currently grappling with trying to work full time and study computer science full time, while attempting to find time to do other things for fun. I love rainy days, open-ended questions, politics, science and watching entire tv shows in one night. I strive to be a “jack-of-all-trades” who can dive in and learn things new things quickly.


Hit me up at any of the below!